Welcome to Peer Pantry Health

Peer Pantry Health is the 501(c)3 recognized organization of the Peer Pantry brand that wants to provide a social impact for what we believe are under-served populations through  the education of proper nutrition through health & wellness initiatives created for kids, parents and senior citizens.

We are pleased to offer the following programs

Culinary Wellness Education and Cooking Working Workshops: We create custom workshops that allow for kids, parents and senior citizens to understand, create and recreate healthier food options that can be consumed with minimal time, cookware and within budgetary constraints. By providing participants with healthier alternatives that can be consumed and made with minimal effort, it will decrease the reliance upon processed foods or food ingredients that do not promote brain and body health and lead to monetary waste. We also want to introduce new flavors and ingredients to their pallets that they can enjoy and understand the health benefits of what they are consuming.

Understanding Entrepreneurship and Starting a Food Business:  This workshop offers the opportunity for participants to understand the basics of product development , marketing and getting your products or services ready for purchase. Participants come up with their own product names, based on food ingredients provided ( Example: starting a sauce, snack or restaurant company).The principles learned in this workshop will allow for participants to gain useful information and resources that can encourage  creativity, entrepreneurship and the important of organization.


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